Women Who Weld® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that teaches women how to weld and find employment in the welding industry. We’ve been developing economic opportunities for women and diversifying the workforce since 2014.

In 2021, we launched Arclight, a new program through which we showcase women who create, ideate, and collaborate across specializations and trades.

We publish long-form interviews showcasing women in the welding industry, including former Women Who Weld participants, as well as women across a range of industries who, like welders, are responsible for bringing together components that form the structures we occupy and the products or services we consume each day.

Women Who Weld’s interviews offer insight into male-dominated career paths and some of the women who occupy them. Each interview reflects the experience, understanding, and voice of both the interviewee and interviewer in that moment. We hope you enjoy the exchange, and learn of opportunities, processes, and techniques that are perhaps unknown outside of their respective specializations and trades - work that directly impacts the daily lives of so many people in so many places.

Women Who Weld’s long-form interviews are free to subscribers.

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More about Women Who Weld

Women Who Weld was established in 2014 and offers introductory workshops and intensive welding training programs designed to prepare women for full-time jobs, apprenticeships, or continuing education opportunities in the welding and manufacturing industries.

Women Who Weld participants are directly responsible for maintaining or improving the output and economic standing of interrelated businesses and industries throughout the United States.